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Shooting with a 21-Year-Old Camera: The Fujifilm S1 Pro

I discover it extremely enjoyable to make use of older, particularly distinctive, digital cameras each as a problem and for sheer enjoyment. I believe a part of it’s psychological. With archaic cameras sporting outdated expertise we anticipate subpar outcomes, and so we focus extra on what we can management: composition, lighting (when relevant), publicity, and […]

Retro Review: Gordon Laing tests out Canon’s 21-year-old PowerShot G1 camera: Digital Photography Review

Gordon Laing, Editor of CameraLabs, has shared his newest Retro Overview, this time placing the three.3MP Canon PowerShot G1 to the take a look at 21 years after its launch. The PowerShot G1 was launched in the direction of the top of 2000 and retailed for roughly $1,100 (roughly $1,735 in at the moment’s cash). […]